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Joining the Pool

How can I find out if there’s space available for new members?
Currently available memberships are listed here. If you are interested in joining Fairfax Swimming Pool, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible to avoid the wait list.

Do you have to be a Fairfax City resident to join the pool?
No. Anyone may apply to join the Fairfax Swimming Pool. Many of our members live in Fairfax City and nearby Fairfax County neighborhoods.

Are refunds available?
No. All membership fees are non-refundable.

If my child wants to join the Fairfax Frogs, do I have to be a stockholding member of the pool?
Yes, you must possess a stockholding membership at Fairfax Swimming Pool in order to join the Fairfax Frogs swim and dive teams. Provisional Family Memberships are also eligible for our Swim and Dive Teams and Tadpoles.

What is the difference between “stockholding” and “seasonal” memberships?
Seasonal memberships provide couples, individuals, and college-level students access to the pool without purchasing a family membership which requires a stock purchase. Contact for more information.

Can I purchase day passes to the pool?
No, Fairfax Swimming Pool does not offer pay-as-you-go membership. To enjoy the pool, you must purchase either a family or seasonal membership.

Can I add my nanny, babysitter, or mother’s helper to my membership?
Only family memberships can add additional adult members. Provisional, New Stockholding and Existing Stockholding family memberships may add additional adults for an extra $25/adult per year. Seasonal couple, individual, and student memberships cannot add additional adults to their memberships. Contact for more information.

My father lives with us. Can he use the pool under my membership?
Family memberships encompass two adults and any children living at home. To add additional adult members, such as a relative who lives with you would cost an additional $25/adult per year for stockholding family memberships. Contact for more information.

Pool Payments

May I drop off my membership application and check at the pool?
No, do not bring your application and payment to the pool – the lifeguards cannot accept applications or payments in any form (neither credit/debit cards, nor checks, nor cash). Contact for more information.

How do I handle payment for membership fees?
We offer three easy ways for you to pay, go to Pay your invoice(s) or balance due. Do not bring your payment to the pool – the lifeguards cannot accept payment in any form (neither credit/debit cards, nor checks, nor cash).

Guest Passes

Who needs guest passes?
Any non-member, age 6 months and older, who comes to the pool regardless of whether he/she swims or not. Out-of-town guests do not need guest passes. Out-of-town means anyone not from the Northern Virginia area.

How can I purchase guest passes?
We offer guest passes in multiples of 5 per book. Each guest pass allows one non-member to enter the pool one-time only during the current season. Guest passes are purchased through your account online and are available for immediate use.  Unused guest passes expire at the end of each season. Unused guest passes are not refundable.

How do I buy guest passes for a party?
We offer two types of party passes that any member may purchase for a pool party: Party Pass for up to 15 guests and Party Pass for up to 25 guests. These passes are good for one visit only and cannot be used over multiple visits on different days.  Party passes can be purchased through your online account.  Unused party passes expire at the end of each season. Unused party passes are not refundable.

Stockholding Memberships

How does stock vesting work?
When you join FSP as a stockholding member, you purchase $350 worth of stock in the pool and pay a reduced annual membership fee. FSP Stock is vested over five seasons of paid membership, as follows: After three seasons, one-third vested; after four seasons, two-thirds vested; after five seasons, fully vested ($350).

How do I transfer my stockholding membership?
FSP Stockholding memberships can be transferred to another person/family, such as a home buyer or renter or neighbor. Stock transfers are private transactions whose terms of exchange do not involve the pool. However, the stock membership must be in good standing in order for the transfer to be accepted and honored by the pool, with no unpaid fees or assessments due; retired stock memberships are not transferrable. The transferor should apprise the transferee of the stockholding membership responsibilities and annual operating fee commitments. Additionally, the member transferring the stock membership must provide the pool with the contact information of the new member (transferee) in advance of attempting to enter the pool for the first time. The pool does not charge any fee for transfers, but reserves all rights associated with accepting and honoring the transfer in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of Fairfax Swimming Pool, Inc. To register your request to transfer your stock see Transfer Stock.

How do I sell my stockholding membership?
Vested FSP stockholding members may sell their stock membership either directly to a buyer they find on their own (in which case they need to register their request to transfer their stock, see above), or, they may request that the pool support their efforts to sell the stock. Unvested stockholding members may request that the pool retire their stock membership. To register your request to sell you stock and seek placement on the For Sale list, which is first-come, first-served, see Sell/Retire StockThe Sell/Retire Stock Request is available January 1st thru April 30th every year. Your registration will alert our Membership Chairs who will validate your stock membership’s vested percentage and inform you of your choices. The pool cannot guarantee that your membership will sell before April 30, which is the payment deadline for the annual operating fee. If the pool can sell your stock membership before April 30, then you will be paid the proceeds from the sale of your stock in accordance with the stock vestment schedule. If the pool is not able to sell your stock membership before April 30, then you must pay the annual operating fee (and late fee, if applicable) in order to remain on the for-sale list until opening day, after which your annual operating fee payment will become non-refundable. Should you find a buyer for your stock before April 30, simply introduce them to our membership chair to effect the sale of your stock regardless of your place on the for-sale list.

Using the Pool

Can I bring my own food and drink to the pool?
Yes. You may bring your own food and drink to the pool area. Food and glass containers are not permitted on the pool deck. We have sunny and shaded picnic areas and grills for your use. Many of our members order food from area restaurants that deliver to the pool. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on pool property with the exception of Board-sponsored activities.

Do you have lifeguards?
Yes. Our lifeguards are certified in water rescue and first aid. Lifeguards are posted at the main pool. However, there is no lifeguard posted at the wading pool. Pool rules state that parents must be within arm’s reach of all non-swimming children at all times.

Does Fairfax Swimming Pool offer swimming lessons for children? 
Yes. Stockholding family members can sign up their children for group swim lessons through the lifeguards. Session dates and prices are listed at Group Lessons. The pool subsidizes the group swim lessons, and the session pricing to members reflects the lowered cost. Also, the swim team coaches offer private lessons. See Swim Coaches for more information.

Do you offer adult only swim time?
Yes. There is a 10-minute block of adult only swim time each hour. In addition, there is always one lap lane available for swimmers.  Please note, the lap lanes are occupied by the swim team from 4:30-8pm during the week for the first two weeks the pool is open.  For 2022, these dates are May 31-June 3rd & June 6th-11th.

Who can use the wading pool?
The wading pool is for children age 6 and younger, and includes a beach entry, water feature, and a gated fence. There is no lifeguard on duty in the wading pool area. Children who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper in order to use the wading pool. Pool rules state that parents must be within arm’s reach of all non-swimming children at all times.

How old does my child have to be to come to the pool by himself?
A child 10 years old or older may come to the pool by himself provided he/she passes a swim test given by the lifeguards. A child less than 10 years of age will be admitted to the pool enclosure only when accompanied by a responsible member, 15 years of age or older, in whose charge the child will remain at all times.

Can I have a private party at the pool?
Yes, members may reserve the gazebo for a party at no cost. All reservations will be limited to 3 hours of use. Reservations can be made through your account online.  Guest passes or Party passes must be purchased in advance for any non-members attending the party. The party and its sponsor(s) and guests cannot disrupt normal pool activities. Please contact for after-hours party information. Gazebo reservations are not managed by the Social Committee.

Can I bring a flotation device to use in the pool?
Yes, but usage is at the discretion of the pool manager. Pool rules state that “flotation devices (tubes, rafts, boards, etc.) will not be allowed in the pool if their use in any way adversely affects others’ use of the pool. Noodles are not approved as, and cannot be used as, a flotation device by non-swimmers.”

Can I swim anywhere else when Fairfax Swimming Pool is closed because of an event or unexpected closure?
Yes. Fairfax Swimming Pool has reciprocal agreements with three other pools located in Fairfax City. Our members may swim at either of those locations while Fairfax Swimming Pool is closed due to pool parties or swim/dive team meets, or for health, mechanical, or any other unforeseen reason, except weather, for more than 2 hours. Please call ahead to make sure those facilities are open.

All members who enter a reciprocating pool facility: Are to be an active member in good standing of their Home pool and agree to provide a valid membership card and/or sign any log as might be required by that host facility. Must abide my the host facility’s rules and regulations. Are not to bring guests to a pool where they are not a member.

Lifeguard Opportunities

How can I become a lifeguard at your pool?
Fairfax Swimming Pool contracts with NVPools to staff our pool. Please contact NV Pools for information on how to apply to be a lifeguard.

Membership Referral Program

Can any member take part in the pool’s membership referral program?
Yes! Any membership level may participate. The only restriction is that the referring party must be a current member in good standing.

How do I refer a member?
It’s simple! You are just three steps away from earning either some cash or free guest passes. For more details and to make use of a time and effort saving automated email generator, visit our member referral page.

What if my referral was already referred by another member?
If the person you referred has already submitted an application with another name, then you will be notified that you will not be eligible for a referral bonus.

The Snack Shack

What are the hours of the Snack Shack?
Snack Shack hours are posted at the pool.

Who runs the Snack Shack?
The Snack Shack is independently operated by volunteers from the pool membership. Please contact with any questions. Thank you for your interest.

Membership ID Cards 2022 – membership cards are no longer needed for check-in.  Check-in is in the bath house through the lifeguards via our new online check in system.