The Fairfax Swimming Pool (FSP) is operated for the benefit of the members and their guests.

The following rules have been established by the Board to assure safe, orderly and sanitary operation of the pool facilities. Persons violating the rules may be expelled from the pool premises and/or lose pool privileges.

  1. The Pool Manager has final authority to interpret and enforce existing FSP and pool management company rules.
  2. When deemed necessary, the Pool Manager has the authority to ask anyone, regardless of age, to leave the pool premises. Should this be necessary, the Pool Manager will notify the Board of actions taken.
  3. No loud, abusive, or profane language, rough play or conduct, or other breach of good behavior is allowed on pool property.
  4. Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as members. The sponsoring member assumes full responsibility for the conduct of and/or damage caused by their guest(s).
  5. No intoxicated persons are allowed on pool property.
  6. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on pool property with the exception of Board-sponsored activities.
  7. Firearms, air guns, sling shots, and/or other weapons or dangerous devices are not permitted on pool property.
  8. Glass or similarly breakable objects are not permitted on pool property.
  9. All trash and litter must be placed in the proper containers.
  10. Drive slowly and carefully, following the one-way flow of traffic, in the parking lot.
  11. “Lost and Found” articles will be placed in custody of the Pool Manager.
  12. Bicycles and scooters will be placed in the bike racks and will not be allowed to clutter the entrance walkways.
  13. No smoking or tobacco use of any kind is permitted on pool property.