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Fairfax Swimming Pool is located on Roberts Road, between Forest Avenue and Still Meadow Road, in Fairfax City.

Photo of Fairfax Swimming Pool sign.
Street Address (view map)            Mailing Address
Fairfax Swimming Pool          Fairfax Swimming Pool Inc
4200 Roberts Road          PO Box 572
Fairfax, VA 22032          Fairfax, VA 22038-0572

Phone: 703-691-8166 (in season only)

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Gazebo Reservations
Note: Gazebo reservations are not managed by the Social Committee. Use our online reservation system and don't forget to purchase your party passes.

Dive Team Reps               Swim Team Reps  

2017 Officers of Fairfax Swimming Pool, Inc.
Dan Drummond, President; Matt Rice, Vice President; Jim Bresson, Treasurer; Christine D'Alessandro, Secretary

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